Full Scale Replication Program

While the replication process and timeline will vary from site to site and from one organization to another, there are six main phases to replication that are required for full program implementation, extending over at least a 30-month period. All phases are required in order to implement MTB and use the Minding the Baby® trademarked program name.    

Replication Phase 1: Planning and start-up consultation
The purpose of this phase is to provide the support necessary to plan and organize the initial stages of an MTB replication prior to hiring and training. This support can be provided on-site to local programs, and via phone and videoconference for other locations. These consultations are used to discuss program set-up, hiring, staff development and training, cultural factors, and community outreach. A minimum of 30 hours of consultation is required prior to the initial 3-day Introductory Training Institute; another 30 hours of consultation is required in the 3-6 month roll out period following the initial training. Consultation is provided by the model developers, senior MTB clinicians, and the MTB Operations Director, who provides input on a range of administrative and organizational matters. 

Replication Phase 2: Introductory Training Institute 
The initial three-day training is modeled largely on the MTB Introductory Training Institute, although it is adapted as necessary to respond to the unique characteristics of the communities in which MTB is being implemented. It is delivered either at Yale or on-site for all clinical and administrative staff, with a preferred maximum enrollment of 25-30. MTB National Office staff members are available for consultation throughout the three days. An additional half-day of training and technical assistance is scheduled within a few weeks following the 3-day training to review evaluation measures, administrative forms, and the individual roles of each discipline.

Replication Phase 3: Ongoing Distance Training and Supervision
Once the first approximately 5 families have been enrolled, all clinical staff involved in the MTB replication begin regularly scheduled consultation/supervisory sessions through the MTB National Office. These sessions are conducted via phone or videoconference, and continue through the first 27-month intervention cycle at minimum. This includes approximately 50 hours of consultation for the first 12 months of the roll-out period and an additional 25 hours (approximately) for the second 12-month period, through the completion of the first 27-month cycle. This time is used to discuss cases, general program issues, and service delivery concerns. Additional consultation time with the MTB Operations Director is provided for program administrators. Once a full intervention cycle has been completed, ongoing consultation and supervision are provided as needed and agreed.

Replication Phase 4: Train the Trainer/ Supervisor Training at Yale
Within three months of the 3-day training, the nursing and mental health supervisors participate in a 2-day intensive training program on the Yale Campus, or equivalent number of in-service hours via distance learning sessions if necessary. The aim of this training is to provide additional guidance in the MTB model and to address specific supervisory issues and ongoing hiring/training needs. This is intended for up to 6 supervisors. Web-based access to training lectures by the MTB model developers may also be included for one year if needed. This training is provided through the MTB National Office. 

Replication Phase 5: Two-Day Site Visit
Within six months of the introductory training, two MTB National Office staff members return to the program site to conduct a site visit. The purpose of this visit is to help the agency with their questions, address issues related to replication, including discussion of procedures and practices, as well as the required evaluation component. In addition to sessions focusing on interdisciplinary issues, intensive break-out sessions organized around disciplines (i.e., nursing and mental health) are provided. The purpose of these groups is to review practices in more detail so that the replication site can be “up and running” with both phases of this training. 

Replication Phase 6: Follow-up Site Visit
Within one year of the 2-day Site Visit (Phase 5), a follow-up site visit is scheduled with two MTB National Office staff members to provide required on-going on-site training and consultation, including training updates/refreshers, workshops, troubleshooting, additional supervisory meetings, and other individual questions or needs. 

For more information, including pricing, a sample calendar for full scale replication, or our MTB Replication Planning Guide, please contact MTB Operations Director Crista Marchesseault.